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Sunday, February 24, 2013

From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able

I think it says something that I decided to watch the video instead of reading the article, even though I had a mini-internal struggle about which one I should do. I wonder what Mr. Wesch would say about that...

But anyway, I digress (kinda). I decided that this week I will focus on my relationship to the text, and what I have to say about it from a personal point of view.

As someone who's technologically savy (he lied), I come across a lot of stuff on the internet. About three or four years ago - I can't remember - I discovered a little website called Tumblr. At first, I used it as a place to put the pictures I took (I was super into photography at some point, lol). Then it escalated into me "reblogging" pictures of  other people, then it went on to reblogging edits (made in photoshop) from television. Then I started making edits, and gaining followers and making friends. Like, real friends. Friends that understood me and were better at friendship than the friends I did have "in real life". So, I got comfortable with Tumblr and have been on it ever since. About a year or two ago I managed to make into a different side of Tumblr. That was the social justice side.

It started with reading a few posts about media representation of people of color. I resonated with it because, you know, I AM a person of color (surprise!). So I looked more into media representation and started following more people that were doing it and I was like, this is pretty awesome. I'm so for equality for everyone in the media!!

And then I made peace with my sexuality so I started familiarizing myself with queer theory, except that's always been a touchy subject on Tumblr (because some people can't distinguish equality from queer people serving as a form of sick entertainment), so I've managed to separate the two, and that was pretty awesome.

So far in just those two examples I had learned more about human rights than anyone had ever cared to talk about. On I went, and I discovered feminism. It was such different concept for me, because I wanted to be a A Feminist™, but I was A Dude, so I was on the fence about it. But every. Single. Post. That I came across that had to do anything with women empowerment, representation of women in the media, or the rights of women I couldn't help but nod my head or kind of relate to it. Not for myself, but for my mom. I grew up with her and only her, only seeing my dad every once in a while. She is the strongest woman I personally know - she raised two kids on her very own and did everything and has always done everything in her power to make sure we have absolutely everything we need.

I've always seen more strength in females than I see in men. Like. Always. Thinking back, I remember always picking the female characters in fighting games, or racing games, or anything. I've always loved female characters on television more than I do guy characters, and just... I love female empowerment and everything it stands for.

And everything changed when the fire nation attacked (sorry The Last Airbender reference) I first took the gender studies class with Chris and Dr. Bogad!! I can now confidently say that I am a feminist and a misandrist and I love fighting with people about how wrong they are to think that women and minorities don't deserve human rights. Like, fuck off much.

I think this relates to Wesch's speech because I really have learned a lot more thanks to technology and the things that it's able to offer. If we bring technology into the classroom like some of my teachers have in the past, it facilitates learning for everyone in the classroom. In fact, it even makes it more engaging. Sure, it can be disruptive if done right, which is why older generations should be taught to use technology to make the future the opposite of what Wesch said in his speech. Agree or Disagree?


  1. I agree that technology has to be used right. For example, when students bring in laptops to "take notes", of course they're probably doing other things on it too, which doesn't make technology very helpful it just makes it distracting. I would rather just take notes by hand and not be distracted by email or facebook or whatever. But, like you said, I think certain technology can also make the material more engaging. I think your tumblr example was a great way to show that.

  2. I completely agree with that fact that not only does technology have to be used appropriately in terms of how students use it in the classroom but the material that is being presented on that technology needs to be appropriate as well. I think kids need to be taught to say "people of color" rather than "black people" and a lot of the media that kids are using these days are using the second phrase, sad as it is. I'm not saying we need to fully censor, but personally I believe we certainly need to teach kids what is appropriate before.

  3. I agree with you about how technology can help kids and in the same time can teach anything wrong. As you stated it can teach the term "black people" as something normal. Actually, this is an innocent example. There are many other things that we do not like kids to learn. The problem is that there is no solution for this problem. The content of the Internet cannot be controlled. I think we should work hard in the classroom to fix the problems created by the media.

  4. Okay, first off, I literally laughed out loud (obnoxiously) at the AtLA reference (probably 'cause I drop it randomly into conversation, too... and, like, less than 20 minutes ago my friend and I were talking about it on the phone, because it never stops being awesome. But... yeah. Anyway...). But yes, agreed. When used correctly, technology can be a great asset.

  5. can I just say that I am in love with this post!------>"I think it says something that I decided to watch the video instead of reading the article, even though I had a mini-internal struggle about which one I should do" HAHAHA I was like yeahhhhh Ill take the video my attention span has been diminished thanks to technology!!!! OH BTW I HAVE A TUMBLR TOOOOOOO FOLLOW ME ----> I can definitely relate to the feminism experience and social justice epiphanies you have encountered on such a personal level!!! love it keep the VOICES alive!!

  6. I think you are able to show how the relationship between classroom and technology can create a well rounded education, and that some knowledge is found in some places while other knowledge is found in others and one does not have to be privileged over the other. What do you think Wesch would say about your experience?

    On another note- your voice comes right through on your posts!

  7. So I seriously snorted when I saw the Avatar: The Last Airbender reference. However, I really like the personal connections you made to this. You were able to learn from a social media site and I think that that is what Wesch wants. He wants to use social media as a learning/teaching tool within our classroom as a way to reconnect and motivate students, and I think that you're proof that it is possible!

  8. Great post, Daury!! Feminists of color, unite ;P

    Thank you for sharing your personal relations with the text. I'm a tumblr gal, too so reading along I could only nod my head in agreement with so many things that you said. It seems like the standard tumblr SJ trajectory begins with photos/photo reblogs, haha.

    I do have to disagree with Noelle's comment, though. Attempting to lump all PoC into one group "people of color" is incredibly harmful to the groups. It ignores the specificity of the particular group's experiences. To put Black folk and, for example, East Asians in one overarching "People of Color" group would erase any nuance that could be had in conversation about race. It also makes it impossible to adequately discuss the past and current history/relationship of race in America. There's nothing wrong with "Black people" it's not like saying "negroes" or "coloreds".

  9. Your post, is by far the best post I have read!
    I love the connections that you made, and the personal connection you made as well. in your last paragraph, I agree with you 100%. technology does help educate people, and it is easy to learn on your own!


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