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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

fighting back

I don't know if she's still considered a teenager seeing as though she's well into her twenties now, but the term "teenager" is already vague as it is and I know that she started this years ago, and she played a big role in my desire to become a feminist.

I'm talking about YouTube vlogger Anita Sarkeesian. She has a channel on YouTube titled FeministFrequency, and a website that goes by the same name.

On her channel, Anita covers things like the Bechdel Test - a test that teaches audiences to wonder how well-written a woman is on movies and television. It was the first time I had heard of it when I saw it on her channel and whoa, it opened my mind to how I watched movies and how I viewed female characters. This was one of the first videos of hers that I saw, and it was when I started to wonder what was being fed to me by the media and how I approached it. It was the first time I thought about fighting back one way or another.

A few of my favorite videos ever on the internet were made by her when she started a series of videos called Trope vs. Women, in which she taught her audience the continuous stereotypes that women portrayed on television due to the writing of them by men, or sexists writers. I would recommend everyone to watch these videos because they can teach you a lot about what you watch and how you're watching it. She describes them perfectly and it's just...mind blowing. 

Anita is just one example of the many people that I've encountered on the internet fighting back to dominant ideology. Like I said before, she played a big role in the way I view on the world and inspired me to start fighting back to dominant ideologies that surround me every day. 


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